Séminaire de Gautier Verhille (IRPHE, CNRS Marseille)

Salle Agora bat. ESPRIT

Gautier Verhille, IRPHE, Marseille 

Deformation of elastic particles in turbulence

Advection of elastic particles are relevant for several applications going from the papermaking industry to the advection and the fragmentation of plastic litters in the ocean. Moreover, recent studies suggest that particle deformations can be a good proxy to measure turbulent flow properties such as the velocity structure function.
In this presentation, I will discuss the deformability of both fibers and discs in turbulent flow. In a first time, I will characterize the transition from rigid to flexible fibers. Then I will present the evolution of the deformation of fibers in the flexible regime. Finally I will extend these results to elastic discs.

Video recording of the seminar: https://nextcloud.univ-lille.fr/index.php/s/TXF3sM5z8istNYL 

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